A basic inventory listing account with limited options and reduced functionality.
1 Inventory Listing
No Inventory Featured Listings
No Inventory Special Offer Listings
No Inventory Event Listings
Listing Title & Subheading
Listing Short Description/Excerpt
Listing Image
Contact Numbers
No Email Addresses
No Contact Form
Physical Address & Route Planner
Google Map
Business Hours
Limited Additional Content
No Gallery
No Website Links
No Social Media Links With Icons
No Search Engine Optimization Features
FREE Support

Premium Annual

A premium inventory listing account with advanced options and enhanced functionality.
R1500 / year
3 Inventory Listings
1 Featured Inventory Listing
1 Inventory Special Offer Listing
1 Inventory Event Listing
Listing Titles & Subheadings
Listing Short Descriptions/Excerpts
Listing Image
Contact Numbers
Email Addresses
Contact Form
Physical Address & Route Planner
Google Map
Business Hours
Additional Content (Text & Media)
Website Links
Social Media Links With Icons
Search Engine Optimization Features
Priority Support

Top Reasons To Join The Wedding Inventory.

  • Since our official launch in July 2016, our user base has grown significantly. The Wedding Inventory Website currently averages between 12,500 to 18,000 page views per month.
  • We are currently backed by South Africa’s largest wedding related Facebook group, consisting of 30,000+ users and we will be diversifying additional traffic in the near future by means of social media and search engine advertising. We aim to be the most comprehensive wedding industry related inventory/directory in South Africa by late 2017.
  • Our website is fully responsive. It doesn’t matter if you are browsing from a mobile phone, tablet, notebook or even a smart tv, our website will scale to the appropriate size for viewing and interaction. The Wedding Inventory’s Google Page Speed user experience rating for mobile devices is 99/100.
  • The Wedding Inventory is a division of Infinity Online Solutions (PTY) LTD, a company that specializes in Web Development and Online Marketing. Due to this, our website is continually monitored and updated at frequent intervals to comply with the latest industry standards. The aforementioned ensures that your listing is available online 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • We are continuously working on improvements for the aesthetics, layout, functionality and features of the website. We are one of the few ‘directories’ which employ 256 bit end-to-end encryption, ensuring a safe browsing experience for all visitors. Our website also allows users to search for listings nearby via geolocation.
  • Free Support – Whether you need advice on creating a listing or if you would like for us to create one on your behalf, we are always willing to assist at no additional cost to you. This applies to Free and Premium accounts.

Why Premium Listings are Better

  • Premium Listing accounts allow for the addition of more content and media in order to ensure that your prospective clients have all the information they may need regarding your products and/or services at their fingertips.
  • Showcase your products and services with a gallery of up to 20 images.
  • Display your email address, website and social media page links on your listing.
  • Have a contact form on your listing page in which prospective clients can contact you directly.
  • Create and publish multiple listings. (Package dependent.)
  • Premium Listing accounts provide enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features which will improve the chances of your listing appearing in search engine results relevant to your business, product or service.
  • Unlike other ‘Directories’, we have very reasonable rates for all of our packages. Just because certain listing categories may generate higher revenue than others doesn’t mean that you need to pay more.
  • Priority Support – We will attempt to resolve any support related query within 24 hours of reception on business days between 09:00 and 17:00.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The 40% OFF Promotion Last?

We will be running the promotion until the 31st of October 2017.

What Is The Minimum Content Needed For A Listing?

In order to ensure that all listings follow a basic style in uniformity with the website's overall aesthetics and functionality, each listing will require the following to meet the minimum criteria for approval.

  • The business's name.
  • The business's tagline or slogan.
  • A short description of the business.
  • The business's contact number/s.
  • The business's physical address or close geographical coordinates to the operating/service area.
  • The business's operating hours.
  • A perfectly square image larger than 400 x 400 pixels for a listing/item image.

If I Struggle To Create My Own Listing, Will You Assist Me?

Definitely! Whether it is a Free or Premium listing, you can call or email us for assistance whenever needed. 

What Is A Featured Listing?

Featured listings take priority above all other listings and are generally displayed at the top of the relevant category, location and search pages.

All of the active featured listings are rotated on The Wedding Inventory homepage to ensure equal distribution of the listings.

Featured listings are easily identifiable as they are predominantly black whilst the Basic and Premium listings are primarily light grey.

In order to maintain fair representation, we only allow for 1 listing to be actively featured within a 10 kilometer radius of another featured listing in the same category.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Enquiry Or Listing Application?

Most enquiries and listing account applications are processed within 24 hours of reception during weekdays. 

Why Can't I Find A Category Relevant To My Industry?

In order to ensure a positive user experience we do not display/add any categories that don't have listings. If you are unable to find a category relevant to your industry, please contact us and we'll add it ASAP!

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